I have always strived to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle but, when I became ill with cancer and had six months away from my work as a child protection social work manager in 2006, I started looking more closely at the daily bombardment of synthetic (and often untested) chemicals in our daily lives, particularly in cosmetics and skin care products. The more I read and researched, the more concerned I became; particularly as I was gaining grandchildren who would be exposed to these chemicals all their lives.
About Us
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I spent a lot of time in shops reading the small print on ingredients labels (and checking toxicity ratings on the US database Skin Deep) but then, when I took voluntary redundancy, I started really researching scientific findings and the properties of natural ingredients, making and testing my own products.  These were so popular with family and friends that I took the plunge of taking training courses and creating my own company in April 2010.  I am supported by my husband Keith (who does the IT and labelling as well as a lot of support at shows) and by family and friends. Currently, all of the products are made carefully by hand in a dedicated kitchen at home in small batches.  All of the ingredients comply with a safety assessment by a qualified chemist. We sell online and at craft and gift fairs and markets around the South West of England.  We also hold sampling evenings in people’s homes and for groups. I get excited about creating and experimenting, making luxurious skin care products that not only smell naturally beautiful but also enhance health, looks and well-being through harnessing the power of nature and I love having the time to research the latest scientific findings.  I really feel passionate about skin care ingredients and I enjoy making my products and displays look beautiful. Do contact me by email, phone or facebook, if you have any queries whatsoever; or just want to chat! Jill Cockerton