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Fade Formula No.3 This oil contains nine natural oils that help to minimise scars, thread veins and stretch marks. Our testers were very excited with the results, reporting that it made a noticeable difference in fading blemishes within 2-3 weeks.  Why not give it a try?
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19.50 30ml dropper bottle  8.15 10ml dropper bottle
Gardenia  Smoothie We developed this, originally, as a luxurious decolletage product, for smoothing out wrinkles and dryness from too much exposure to the sun. It is still great for that but we have discovered that it also makes a fabulous oil-based cleanser. Massage in, tissue or wash off and your face is left super-soft and smooth. It smells delicious, too.
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100ml tin
Nourishing facial serum The luxurious but light facial oils in this serum are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to repair and moisturise skin overnight, assisting with the skin’s collagen production. A few drops of this serum, massaged into the face and neck after cleansing at night, will maintain a soft and dewy feel to the skin. This is, by far, our best seller and a product that is acclaimed by many happy customers. Most users find that there is no need to use an additional night cream.
Camellia Touch Organic, cold-pressed camellia oil and olive squalane, two really luxurious ‘super oils’, are so gentle and light, they are perfect for the most sensitive facial skin.  This unscented oil blend is also ideal for around the eyes, helping with skin elasticity and cell regeneration.
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£ 6.50
5ml  bottle
30ml dropper bottle
Rose Otto Facial Oil This fabulous new product is the ultimate in luxurious facial oils. Containing the very highest quality oils, it is scented with heavenly pure rose essential oil. Absolute bliss!