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Sorry Skin Salve  Every ingredient in this salve has been selected for its reputation in helping skin that has been exposed to the harsher side of life.  It is intensively moisturising as well as being soothing and able to form a protective barrier against whatever life throws at it. 
 Sorry Skin Salve 50ml Tin Sorry Skin Salve 100ml Tin
£8.90 £15.25
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Lavender & Chamomile Sorry Skin Salve This has the same formulation as the original Sorry Skin Salve but the essential oils are replaced with lavender and chamomile. This one will have the edge in calming down skin conditions.
15ml aluminium tin 
 50ml Tin 100ml Tin
£8.90 £15.25
Bite Bliss This is amazing; like a first aid kit in a tin.  We developed it to take away the itch of gnat and mosquito bites and stop us scratching.  That worked brilliantly, even in the rainforest. Since then we’ve been told it helps with nettle rash, wasp stings and allergy rashes. 
100ml Tin
Peppermint and Rosemary Foot Balm A delicious, cooling and moisturising balm for hot, tired or dry feet.  Scented with essential oils, it is uplifting, zingy and smells of seaside rock.